Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rescuing Harley

This is Harley, a seven month old chocolate labrador, who was recently staying here at the farm. His original owners took him without realistically considering how quickly he would grow from a cute little puppy into a rather large dog who needs a lot of exercise and room to run. I fell in love with him...who could resist those warm brown eyes, and that tongue-lolling doggie smile? Well, my hubby, for one, which is why he was only a foster-dog and not a permanent fixture!

I can't say it was easy to let him go, but I know it was best thing for Harley. During the brief time he was with me, though, I enjoyed his company more than I can say. When I sat outside on the old garden bench, he sat on the bench with me, his head, or sometimes his entire body, resting on my leg. When he wasn't trying to be a lap dog, he rolled around on the ground near my feet, playing with a toy made from a few old socks rolled up and knotted inside another old sock. He liked me to play tug of war with the sock toy, but his favorite game was fetch. I'd throw a tennis ball for him over and over, and he'd race after it and bring it back every time. He never tired of that game, even if I did! When my arm got tired of throwing, I'd distract him by taking a long walk over the farm. He was like Pooh's friend, Tigger, not running through the fields, but bouncing through them, in an exuberant display of unadulterated doggie joy.

Harley has since moved on to his new home, with a 20-something young man, who loves to go duck and pheasant hunting. He and his friend, who trains hunting dogs, were impressed with Harley's retrieving skills. For such a young dog, they say he is already displaying a lot of promise as a hunting companion. I'm thrilled that he's found such a good home and will be with someone who'll give him plenty of opportunity to do what he loves and was bred to do. He was only with me for a month, but he won't be forgotten. Have a great life, Harley...I'll miss you!


Beansieleigh said...

Oh my gosh.. where are my tissues?! I am VERY familiar with this feeling, as my parents were foster parents throughout most of my childhood, and I know how hard it was to say goodbye. But what a wonderful home you gave to Harley, and what a blessing you were to him. God bless you!.. and nice to meet you! Hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend! ~tina

PrairiePosy said...

Thanks, Tina, it's nice to meet you, too! I can't even imagine how hard it would be to foster children and then be parted from them. There must be a very special place in heaven for people who do that!

Krealene said...

Hoi from The Netherlands PP;-)))
I came on yr site thnx 2 the Sasha crochtetpattern..só happy with it....I lost my daughters Sasha and bought two 2 weeks ago, sooooo happy with them and now I wanna crochet the dress you posted so thnx a lot!!
nldutchy aka Marlene

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