Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Back to School Swap for Sasha

I recently signed up to participate in a Back to School Swap for Sasha, which was hosted by Lorraine Tyler, whom I had just met in person at the 2013 Sasha Festival. Good fortune smiled on me, and Lorraine turned out to be my swap partner! Her swap to me arrived this past week. She sent me a darling plaid school uniform, with a white blouse and red school tie. Along with the outfit, she included a wonderful school satchel, filled with a set of colored pencils, an amazingly tiny pencil case with a working zipper, a Sasha sized Beatrice Potter book, and a miniature paint set. When it arrived, my lovely Alexandra immediately laid claim to it and has been wearing it ever since. We both love it! Alexandra may love it just a bit too much!

Alexandra's First Day of School

Alexandra has her new school things neatly laid out on the table, ready for the first day of school.

She can't wait to get them all packed into her satchel and head off to catch the bus!

"Zoe," she asks, "Is my satchel on straight? What time will the bus arrive to pick us up?"

"What? What do you mean, school doesn't start until tomorrow? I'm ready to go now!"

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